Practice and Piloting (Part III)

ROV Colibrì



The practice of piloting will take place in the pool area or at sea, with the use of an ROV.

The students in the first phase will have to familiarize themselves with the control commands of the Vehicle (ROV control console).



A very important part of the piloting is the management of the Tether (Tether Management Skills).

There will be a dedicated section that explain the best ways and all things to consider to manage your tether while flying without getting tangled.


Important principles of which an ROV Pilot needs are:

  • Good level of awareness
  • Good sense of orientation and direction
  • Decision-making skills according to the "scenarios"
  • Plan, prepare and carry out the tasks assigned


At the end of the practical session RovMarine will provide to certificate at each candidate the piloting hours.

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RovMarineTechnologies follows
the Rov R002 Rev2 IMCA training standards