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The history of ROVs

Dimitri Rebikoff and his Poddle ROVR.O.V. Remotely Operated Vehicle is the name used to refer to the wire-guided robot submarines used in the maritime industry. They are highly maneuverable, are driven by skilled operators on board vessels or platforms.

The French scientist, engineer and explorer Dimitri Rebikoff, in 1953 invented the first robot called “Poddle”.

In 1960, the United States developed and it took the new technologies ROV to carry out important work, recovering atomic bombs in the Spanish coasts.

The ROV gave rise to the ability to perform potentially dangerous operations in ultra deep retrieving objects from the seabed.

In 1970, the Oil & Gas industry produced the Work–Class vehicles to enhance their application in the offshore field, but were seen as a supplement to divers, until in the 90s began to be used to cover the majority of the work while minimizing risks to the man.

This enhancement was achieved thanks to the excellent results obtained by the new technologies ROV and the limitations of the divers in operating over 200 meters deep.

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