Fiber Optics program - Basic

Fiber optical cable

The course is held by specialized technicians with proven international experience acquired working for the largest companies in the sector.

The students at the end of the course will have received an adequate basic preparation, to be able to start entering the working field of FIBER OPTICS.





Module 1

  1. Historical notes on optical fiber
  2. Introduction on optical fiber, physical characteristics and fields of application
  3. Fiber optic vs copper, signal and speed. Quality and defects
  4. Concept of light propagation, reflection and refraction


Module 2

  1. Singlemode and Multimode fiber and related sections
  2. Types of connectors and features


Module 3

  1. Connectivity, mechanics and with slicer
  2. Measurement and diagnostic tools


Module 4

  1. Safety
  2. Work safely with the FO
  3. Potential risks caused by the laser
  4. Potential risks caused by glass filaments


During the theorical part the students have the opportunity to carry out practical exercises:

  1. Connectivity, peeling Fiber Optic cables
  2. Re-termination with the most used connectors in the FO field
  3. Test and use of mechanical fusion splicer
  4. Tests with measuring and diagnostic tools
  5. Identification of faults and anomalies
  6. Problem solving


At the end of the course each candidate will be evaluated by performing a connectivity test in a pre-established time / use of basic tools and diagnostics.

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RovMarineTechnologies follows
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