The ROV Pilot Tech


The Pilot / Technician ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is a skilled Technician specialized on piloting and servicing (maintenance) Remoted Operated Vehicles (ROV).
Working on board of vessels or platforms, national and international waters, using ROV able to work up to 4000 meters of water depth.

The Rov uses its own thrusters to “fly” underwater, can use several type of cameras (Color, Black&White, Dome Camera) and powerful Hydro-Mechanical arms to perform different kind of jobs (like opening valves, slide hot-stab etc), and are generally used in harsh environments particularly difficult to reach by divers or dangerous areas even in conditions of poor visibility.

The use of ROV is widely used in the Oil&Gas industry worldwide, inspections, laying of submarine cables, search and recovery of wrecks, taking samples ad depth and rescue.

They are currently used in activities like Civil Engineering, defense and security, in the field of Scientific and Marine Archaeological, Biological Research and widely used within the Nuclear industry for contaminated water inspections.

The ROV Pilot Tech is specialized on repairing, maintenance and fault finding for any problems of Mechanics - Electronics – Hydraulics for the ROV used.

You must always ensure and maintain a good and efficient operational during work operations.

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RovMarineTechnologies follows
the Rov R002 Rev2 IMCA training standards